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What is Project AdapTilt ?

AdapTilt is the name oft the project as well as the name of an aircraft. This aircraft is a radio controlled VTOL with a wingspan of 1.2m.
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Who's behind Project AdapTilt ?

My name is Christian Molter and I study Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. The idea for the AdapTilt project was derived from my strong interest in VTOL aircrafts.
A while ago an engineer, working in R&D at a large German aerospace company, told me, the main difference between a helicopter rotor and an airplane propeller is the twist (angle between blade root and blade tip). After that, I started thinking: "hmmm sounds logical because of the different directions of the flow. But isn't it possible to build a blade that can change its twist in flight ? Can't be that hard, at least on a small scale ?".
From "Can't be that hard" followed a long period of preliminary tests, calculations, even more preliminary tests and finally the construction of rotor blades with variable twist for aircrafts on a small scale. Meanwhile I'm conducting both of my final theses at the University of Stuttgart regarding this project.
Of course there were numerous things I couldn’t handle alone. Therefore, I was fortunate to receive help from some assistants. I would like to extent my sincerest thanks to them as well as the supporters of the project in general.

+++ NEWS +++

Wind Tunnel Tests of proprotors successfully completed.

How will the project continue ?

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